In the case of infrastructural development, and budget on academic facilities or for maintenance of physical facilities and expenditure or any purchase or fund allocation, the matter is first discussed in the development sub-committee in our college in a democratic manner. Later it goes to the finance sub-committee to see if the college is able to buy or allocate the fund for the item. If the Finance Sub-Committee allows it, then the matter is discussed in the Governing Body and if the Governing Body allows/approves the fund, the Purchase Sub-Committee follows their specified procedures for purchasing or (or allocating any fund) installing any Governing Body approved items or storing or maintaining any College items.
The policies and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support facilities in the college encompass various aspects of upkeep and utilization of resources such as laboratories, libraries, sports complexes, computers, classrooms, and other essential facilities.
For laboratories, each lab has a faculty in-charge, and an attendant. The lab in-charge is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the laboratory with necessary equipment and keeping a record of equipment utilization. Regular preventive maintenance and performance monitoring are carried out to ensure the equipment’s working condition.
Libraries are maintained by a librarian and supporting staff, focusing on the availability and utilization of instructional material. At the end of the academic year, stock verification is done, and a report is prepared on the utilization of books by students and staff. Procurement of books as per the requirement is initiated through a library committee following the procurement procedure.

Sports complexes, grounds, and equipment are looked after by a sports coordinator who manages the activities and issues equipment to students as per the schedule. Preventive maintenance measures are taken in time, and the sports director is responsible for keeping the record of utilization of sport facilities, activities held, awards for the students, etc.
Classrooms are allocated to all departments along with necessary ICT tools. The classrooms are utilized as per the time table of the department, and the cleaning is monitored by the institute supervisor/administrator. Head of the institute, coordinators, and class faculty also ensure the cleanliness is maintained in the classrooms.
IT facilities are maintained by laboratory technicians and system administrators. In case of major issues, vendors are hired for maintenance. Plumbing, electrical, drinking water, security, air conditioners, and other facilities are maintained by in-house technicians and external agencies.
The college has an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for physical facilities and equipment. The cleaning and maintenance of classrooms and laboratories are done by non-teaching staff as per the cleaning schedule, which is monitored by the head of the department.